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1. What should I do after I have signed up?

After you have signed up, you can make preparation for commence your trail run which will start anytime from 1 Sep to 31 Oct 2021.  Your run distance will be in accordance to the race category you have already registered for, namely 5KM, 10KM or 24KM.  This is not a competitive race, thus you will run at your own pace till you have completed the stipulated distance.  Remember to activate your GPS app before you start to run.                   

2. When do I receive my medal and tee after I have submitted my run data?

The last day of submission of your run data is on 4 Nov 2021 2359hr.  We will arrange for 2 batches of dispatch based on the following submission date:     

  • Submission by 30 Sep, ​medals and tees will be mailed out no later than 31 Oct 2021

  • Submission by 4 Nov, ​medals and tees will be mailed out no later than by 30 Nov 2021


3. What type of run app is accepted?

It can be your STRAVA, Garmin, Apple, Samsung Health or any type as long as it is GPS-driven, rest assured we will accept the results.  However, we assume you are the one and not another person walking or running on your behalf.      


4. Is there a time frame to complete the run?

There is no time frame to complete.  You can walk or run and in between take nice scenery shots, it does not matter as long as you complete.  It is important you enjoy the walk or run.           


5. How many times can I run and what is the total run distance?

You can do one run or multiple runs on three different days for a total combined distance of your registered category. This is easily achieved by many runners and our overall aim is to inspire everyone to get started. 

6. Can I choose to run indoor or elsewhere?

The intent is for you to run along the rail corridor and enjoy a good and relaxing trail run. However, given current COVID-19 situation, you may want to play safe by running somewhere near home and as long as it has some evidence of trails, it is perfectly alright too - your safety remains the key priority. If you are running on your treadmill machine, just take screenshot of the distance covered and submit to us.

7. How do I know if I will receive my medal and tee?

Once race data is verified, medal and tee will be posted out based on your data submission date and mailing address submitted at the time of your sign up.  Therefore, the onus is on you providing the correct address to us.  


8. Who do we refer to if we face difficulty with our submission or seek further clarification?

You can email to info@ideas-room.com and we will revert back as soon as we can.

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