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The railway line from the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station that linked Singapore to Peninsula Malaysia and to the vast continent of EuroAsia was constructed more than a century ago.  The long track which boosts of rich habitat of natural greenery covers 26KM from the former Tanjong Pagar Station to Woodlands.  

It was a historical moment when the tract of land was finally returned to Singapore on 1 July 2011 to what it is popularly known now as the ‘Rail Corridor’.


Were You There?

It was on 31st January 2016, Rail Corridor Run saw some 8,000 runners raring to pounce on the wet and muddy trail for the last time before some parts along the stretch were closed for construction works – a great memorable experience for our trail runners then! 

Fast forward, enhancements will begin in the central region of Rail Corridor where the former Bukit Timah Railway Station is located with three main themes introduced: ‘Heritage & Culture’, ‘Biodiversity & Greenery’ and ‘Recreation’ to rejuvenate meaningful experiences for trail seekers and nature lovers alike.


About Rail Corridor Virtual Trail Run


Rail Corridor Virtual Trail Run is thus launched to rekindle the thrills of running through the tract of lush greenery.  While running the entire 26KM corridor belt is not possible due to closure on some parts, one can still make good distance with either running or walking/exploring around.      

That said, runners can choose any good spot along the 26 KM stretch to start their 5KM trail runs.  Some can choose to walk, smell the flowers and take in the fresh air.  However, given the current COVID-19 situation, some may want to play safe by running somewhere near home and as long as it has some evidence of trails, it is perfectly alright too - your safety remains the key priority!









Rail Corridor takes visitors on a journey through a variety of landscapes, communities and unique experiences. Enhancements will begin with Rail Corridor (Central), which is known for its lush natural landscapes and elements of rich heritage. More information on http://www.nparks.gov.sg

Source: www.nparks.gov.sg

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With Rail Corridor (Central)’s proximity to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, its landscape will be carefully planted with flora to complement the existing vegetation. These are some of the landscapes you can explore:

Source: www.nparks.gov.sg


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