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Did You Know?


The railway line from the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station that linked Singapore to Peninsula Malaysia and to the vast continent of EuroAsia was constructed more than a century ago.  The long track which boosts of rich habitat of natural greenery covers 26KM from the former Tanjong Pagar Station to Woodlands.  

It was a historical moment when the tract of land was finally returned to Singapore on 1 July 2011 to what it is popularly known now as the ‘Rail Corridor’.


Were You There?

It was on 31st January 2016, Rail Corridor Run saw some 8,000 runners raring to pounce on the wet and muddy trail for the last time before some parts along the stretch were closed for construction works – a great memorable experience for our trail runners then! 

Fast forward, enhancements will begin in the central region of Rail Corridor where the former Bukit Timah Railway Station is located with three main themes introduced: ‘Heritage & Culture’, ‘Biodiversity & Greenery’ and ‘Recreation’ to rejuvenate meaningful experiences for trail seekers and nature lovers alike.


About Rail Corridor Trail Run

Rail Corridor Trail Run 2021 is back with lofty aim to galvanise the excitement of running through the 26-KM corridor belt that stretches from Woodlands to Tanjong Pagar where some transformations have already taken place.  


Runners can choose to cover 5KM, 10KM and 24KM.  This is not a race but an opportunity to go upclose and personal with godsend natural setting.  


Clock your distance on your GPS app & submit screenshot of your run record to the link provided to you and your run is deemed complete.  


Do stay safe while out running and remember to mask up when done.

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